Shuddhashar FreeVoice Stands with Student Protesters in Bangladesh

The recent events in Bangladesh, where Shuddhashar  FreeVoice began its journey and retains a loyal readership, have left us heartbroken. In a repeat of the brutal suppression of peaceful student protests in 2018, the Awami League has gone further this time against the youth of the nation, whom the authoritarian government views as an enemy of …

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Should China’s Labour Go Its Own Way?

Over the past four decades, East Asia’s labor force has grown significantly, with China alone contributing over 400 million workers to the global economy, leading some to view China as a battleground for globalization. However, amidst this expansion, labour issues persist, sparking a movement that challenges conventional norms. Is China’s labor landscape evolving into a new paradigm?

Exploitation and Desperation: Human Rights Violations and Labor Conditions of North Korean Workers Dispatched Overseas

To earn foreign revenue, the North Korean regime subjects its citizens to forced labor and egregious human rights abuse. The international community must do more to end these egregious labor practices and ensure that their human rights are upheld.

Preeti Urang’s Death is Not a ‘Tragedy’: How the Privileged Class Enables Violence Against Child Domestic Workers

When a child is forced to leave their family home to become a live-in servant at a stranger’s home, when middle-class families exploit the impoverished class by employing live-in child servants, we as a society are complicit in causing harm. And we must stop defining such incidents with the vague and impersonal terms of ‘tragic’ and ‘unfortunate.

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