Anatomy of a Car Crash

Chronotope ta panta rhei alabaster has a naming picture, frozen there is no difference between sky & stone-to-stone raw welt, imagined feet rubbed with leaves sapphire disco, decision stiletto still voice bevel headed learning time-font consideration secede close circumcision recall no end, heaven lie list lip cerebrum, cerebellum evince spark fast rolling water move   …

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The Airborne Gooseberry Boy

  “The shadows in the corners have been shifting. It is now too late to … yell at them to stop what they are doing.”                                                                                                  – Joseph Brodsky    My grandmother filled the wall with bread sauce. We were always thirsty. With my cousin who was not my cousin, we picked gooseberries in the …

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through and through and through and through

  Hysterical a dormouse sedan is only psycho bitch horse it is sedatives all the way down ultrasound hysterical calls hair gel cavolo nero kale the color of my mood pterodactyl day is surgery yesterday through and through and through and through orange popsicles so says psycho itch is sweet also scurrilous if wishes were …

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  Enter the interlude, the shadowbox, the waltz. Re- verse your voice first, then wake up plumping a ghost pillow, attunally sounded out like crystal cut dust. Cello funeraries. Burnt gristle on the hook. Once, I saw your face inside a mirror, looked back, swallowed myself in the glass. Charcoal outhouse, rooms, pyramids. Mells of …

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