Anu Muhammad

‘Development’: Rhetoric for Authoritarian Rule

‘Development:’ Rhetoric for Authoritarian Rule

We are living in the digital age of globalization under a neoliberal model of capitalism. This phase can be described as development on steroids, growth with environmental disaster, affluence with poverty, digitalization and financialization, growth with high inequality and vulnerability. This phase is also characterised by authoritarianism in different colours. Rising religious-ethnic-racial hatred and strengthening

The Sundarbans

Anu Muhammad । Sundarbans, Rampal Coal-power Plant and Peoples Movement

We have entered into eighth year of resistance against government sponsored disastrous projects those are threatening survival of the Sundarban, the huge natural protector and the last of natural big forests in Bangladesh. Along with National Committee, thousands of people at home and abroad spontaneously have engaged themselves in organising protests that has made signs

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