Asim Siddiqui

Appropriation and Erasure of Marginalized Cultures of South Asia: An Anti-Caste Approach to Counter Cultural Genocide

When we speak of cultural appropriation and cultural genocide, the predominant image that comes to our mind is that of colonization by Western Europeans appropriating or erasing Indigenous traditions or African and Black cultures, as well as colonized Asian cultures. In the postcolonial context, the erstwhile colonized countries tend to unidirectionally focus on the global

Body Politics of the Indian State in the COVID-19 Era: from an Ambedkarite Lens

A health pandemic is a complex phenomenon that can’t be merely understood in biomedical terms while ignoring the socio-cultural context of how it has spread, and the way countries have responded to it. For this reason, many scholars like Reyes (2020) and Horton (2020) have argued that we need to look at natural/health disasters in

Reimagining Indian Universities in 2020 from an Ambedkarite Feminist lens

The struggles for becoming an egalitarian society has put Indian Universities, especially Public Universities, at the heart of the social justice debate in the previous decade (2010-2019). Social justice in India has had a long history of struggle for social and educational inclusion by communities and groups marginalized for centuries. These exclusions on the basis

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