Barak Kalir

Barak Kalir is an anthropologist based at the University of Amsterdam. He writes and teaches on the inhumane treatment of migrants and refugees in so-called liberal states. His recent publications include Departheid: The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States (2019); On the Death of Mame Mbaye: Racialism as the Ultimate Goal in the “Battle against Irregular Immigration” (2022). In a recent podcast Kalir speaks on Deportation and the banality of evil.

Undocumented Unraveled

Documents, it seems, are states’ best friends. They can be placed on top of heavy moral issues, burying them effortlessly under their officious weight. Worldwide there are said to be more than 11 million ‘undocumented’ people. In the context of international migration and asylum seeking, being ‘undocumented’ can have devastating consequences for one’s chances to …

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