David Spittle

David Spittle is a poet, filmmaker and essayist. Following his pamphlet, BOX (HVTN, 2018), Spittle has published three poetry collections: Decomposing Robert (Back Herald Press, 2023), Rubbles (Broken Sleep Books, 2022), and All Particles and Waves (Black Herald Press, 2020). His fourth collection, How Eyes Rest, is forthcoming in 2024 with HVTN. He runs an ongoing series of interviews with filmmakers talking-about-poetry and poets talking-about-film, the first volume Light Glyphs (Broken Sleep Books, 2021) includes interviews with John Ashbery, Guy Maddin, Andrew Kötting, Iain Sinclair, So Mayer, Lisa Samuels and many others. Spittle's films have screened internationally in festivals, broadcast on the BBC and, alongside filmmaking, his film criticism has appeared in Sight & Sound and as part of select Blu-ray releases. He continues independent research across film and philosophy.

Seeing the Unseen: The Occult and Surrealism

Surrealism is not a poetry but a poetics and even more, in the most decisive fashion, a vision of the world. – Octavio Paz The surrealists know that the surreal is in the real, just as the mage knows that the invisible is in the visible and the alchemist knows that the infinite is in …

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This Island is Sinking

Interview    Shuddhashar: What is it that you strive to explore and convey through your poetry? David Spittle: I think that poetry can facilitate a retreat from, or resistance to, striving. I hope for types of poetry that can exist in an environmental and durational texture of meaning, not lashed to the quantifiable ‘what is meant’ …

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To be living like matchsticks

What Why in the How The still is the lord of the restless – Lao Tzu  To be living anywhere in the world at this point in time provides many accelerating reasons for loud distress. Primarily, climate crisis and the current and ever-imminent extinctions that characterise a planetary spiral into what might be less-than-cheerfully abridged …

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