Editorial opinion | The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: High time for a sea change

The latest conflict between Israel and Palestine is a stark reminder that peace remains very much elusive in the region, and so does the two-state solution. The recent escalation in violence took place against the backdrop of forced evictions of Palestinian families from the occupied East Jerusalem and Israeli raids in Al-Aqsa Mosque compounds. The

Editorial opinion | Cut the Gordian Knot by suspending Covid Vaccines-patents

Against the backdrop of a stalled global vaccination campaign, the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe. As infection rates and death toll continue to mount, countries like India, which largely escaped the first wave of the pandemic, face a total collapse of their healthcare system.  Meanwhile, the virus continues to mutate, spawning more

Editorial opinion | Death penalty to the murderers will not deliver justice for Avijit and Dipan

When a publisher no longer faces any censorship in republishing Avijit Roy’s work; when the book vendors no longer dare to stop selling Avijit’s books; when government officials no longer blame martyred writers and publishers for their tragic demise; when journalists no longer face intimidation, when cartoonists no longer have to languish in jail for

Editorial opinion | The persecution of Ahmadis in Bangladesh

It was in March 1953, the heyday of the Khatam-i Nubuwwat movement, when after weeks of turmoil the regional government of Punjab finally collapsed, as many supporters of Pakistan’s ruling party, the Muslim League, joined the ranks of rioters responding to the government’s reluctance in declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslim by burning down government establishments, looting

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