Erling Kittelsen

Erling Kittelsen had his debut as a poet in 1970. He has published several poetry cycles and collections, as well as fables, dramatic works, and translations of poetry from languages, like Arabian, Persian, Korean, Latvian and Sumerian, that are distant to the Nordic languages. He also dialogues with the most ancient poetic Nordic traditions – the Old Norse Poetic Edda – which he translated and then presented a contemporary literary answer. His most recent play has been translated and performed several times in the Middle East. He has received several literary prizes and awards, including The Aschehoug Prize 1990, The Dobloug Prize 2002 (awarded by the Swedish Academy) and Vindtorn-Prize 2017 (national poetry prize).

Experiences Make You Less Abstract

Interview   Shuddhashar: What is it that you strive to explore and convey through your poetry?  Erling Kittelsen: I want to write about different lacks or deficits in society. These can be expressed in the language, or in the way of thinking, or in the content itself.   Shuddhashar: How do you interpret the present world, and how …

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Sanger strømmer fra planeten | Erling Kittelsen

Hvorfor poesi Kommunikasjon er samtale på samme brett (nivå). Dialog er samtale mellom ulike nivåer. Poesi har mye av dialogen i seg, svært ulike folk kan dele et dikt, diktet forbinder. Poesi kan leses i store rom med blandet publikum. Likevel tror en bl. a. her i landet at diktet trenger intimsfæren for å leses. …

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