Gunel Movlud

Gunel Movlud was born in Azerbaijan. As a pursued Azeri journalist, translator, and poet, she has been living in Norway as an ICORN writer since 2016, where she has won the “Words on Borders” poetry prize in 2017. In 2019, she was published in Aschehoug anthology of refugee poets, To kiss a desert. To kiss a wall. Gunel is a women’s rights activist and writes against violence, oppression, and injustice.

or gulen

Sex under Dictatorship (2)

I didn’t know Isa personally. Like many other guys from the so-called “public sector”, I knew only his Facebook profile. And although he had sent me a friend request, probably a year previously, I only accepted it recently. I heard from our mutual friends, including Lala, that Isa’s coming out had been taken by his

Sex under Dictatorship

About the Author Gunel Movlud is a prominent author of contemporary Azerbaijani literature. Her poetry, publications and prose are called “The Literature of People” because she has not put borders between literature and politics and between her activity as a writer and her activity as a citizen. Gunel Movlud (Imanova) was born in Karabakh, Azerbaijan

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