Henrik Kjellmo Larsen

Henrik Kjellmo Larsen is pursuing a PhD at Monash University where he studies humanitarian volunteers after they leave the field. He is interested in how the professionalisation of humanitarian aid affects how spontaneous volunteers are supported during, and post engagement. Henrik is the president of the organisation «Network for Volunteers», which provides a platform that facilitates psycho-social training and support for returning volunteers. He holds an MA from Monash University and a bachelor from University of Durham.

Systemic racism in European migration politics?

In 2020, when George Floyd was murdered by four officers from the Minneapolis police department in the United States, a debate concerning systemic racism in the American police made international headlines. It quickly expanded to encompass the reality systemic racism as such, spreading to Europe and confronting nations allegedly incorporating structural racism that devalues black

Undocumented Trauma

‘A true humanitarian does not get affected by the work they are doing’. I was surprised and, frankly, a little startled when one of the interview participants uttered this, staring me blankly in the face. It was not an opinion they conveyed but an established truth in humanitarian circles. Being 16 months into my PhD

De oversette hjelpearbeiderne

De oversette hjelpearbeiderne

Nok en gang er det stille i norske medier. Mai 2019 har vært den dødeligste måneden på Middelhavet så langt i år. 70 mennesker druknet i samme forlis den tiende mai, men dette blir knapt nok nevnt i norske aviser. Langs strendene i Middelhavet står hjelpearbeidere som blir kriminalisert for sin bistand. Hva skjer egentlig

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