Ikhtisad Ahmed

Ikhtisad Ahmed is a Bangladeshi writer. Twitter: @ikhtisad

Bengali Poetry of Passion and Rebellion

Introduction Bengal, Bangladesh is a marginal region spanning the world’s largest deltaic river basin. The political history of this region was the subject of the rule and exploitation of colonialism and imperialism for centuries. The revolt and protest of the oppressed people warranted attention. Just as these political realities have shaped the people of Bengal

Pray Howl, Bangladesh

I have seen the best minds of my generation destroyed at conception, liberated fruits of loins poisoned by fervent nationalism impregnating eggs made fertile by distilled neoliberalism, stark naked foetuses growing daily weekly monthly, drip drip drip-fed dogma gestated over half a century, better to be but never aborted; dragged through brown streets by angry

Joy Bangla pseudo-liberalism on the eve of progressive change

To defeat Awami League’s authoritarianism, Bangladeshi progressives must dismantle the structure of influence of this faux liberalism, to afford future protesters a fighting chance to develop a movement. The alternative is permanent defeat and the end of progressivism, of hope.   Sajeeb Wazed Joy criticises the American police for brutally suppressing its citizens during the

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