Sarwar Tusher

Breathing in a necro-political regime

In a neo-colonial state like Bangladesh, where the concept of sovereignty has not developed through any particular philosophical journey or tradition, but where sovereignty has been established through brutal colonial occupation, in such a state, ‘rule of law’ has always been a ‘state of exception’!   On top of everything, racism was simultaneously the driver …

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‘Goom’: A Monstrous Statist Reality

You will be abducted with no custody, then you will remain abducted for good, or you will be detained under one of the many draconian laws. Last but not least, your dead body will wash ashore on the banks of a river. No one killed you, or you simply did not exist!   Bangladesh is …

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Is Bangladesh a ‘crossfire’-state?

We need to find a way out of this unfortunate political reality. We need to build a pluralistic and decentralised democracy so that the law enforcement forces & state mechanisms run with the people’s money cannot be used to kill or repress different sections of the citizens. Bangladesh will not be free from the scourge …

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