Lisa Irene Knight

Lisa Irene Knight is Alva and Beatrice Bradley Professor of religions of South Asian and chair of the Department of Anthropology at Furman University, South Carolina, USA. She published Contradictory Lives: Baul Women in India and Bangladesh by Oxford University Press.

Many books that are being banned or threatened in the USA, with a yellow banner across the books stating banned in USA.

The U.S. War against Books and Education: Interview with Josh Malkin

A widespread campaign to ban books written about or by people of color or LGBTQ+ individuals in the U.S. is underway, hindering youth from reading books that represent diverse identities or a holistic history of America.

Education: Sometimes We Should Feel Uncomfortable

People A social studies teacher is fired for stating that white privilege is an established fact in his “Contemporary Issues” class and for showing a poetry performance by a Black woman. An English high school teacher is fired after parents complained about her reading and writing assignments on an award-winning young adult novel in her …

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Shuddhashar’s Online Magazine as (Auto)Biography

At this 30th year anniversary, the online magazine of Shuddhashar is a biography – or autobiography? – of Shuddhashar and its publisher. I was first introduced to Shuddhashar in February 2018. At that time, Shuddhashar had been online for a little more than a year. I read the articles. The bimonthly magazine issues were hopeful …

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The Exile’s In-betweenness

Migrants. Immigrants. Emigrants. Refugees. Aliens. Asylum seekers. Exiles. Asylees. Nonimmigrant. Émigré. Illegal aliens. Legal aliens. Deportees. Expats. Displaced people. Diaspora.   The Age of Refugees Migrating – and population movement in general – is a human condition. We all move with a desire to live fulfilling lives, to survive, and to better ourselves. For such …

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The persecution of Bauls is not new. It must stop

The torching of Ranesh Thakur’s music room, where he stored his musical instruments and 40 years’ worth of books containing traditional knowledge and Baul songs, is the latest of a series of attacks against humanists and minorities in Bangladesh. The persecution of Bauls is not new. During the 19th and early 20th centuries in the …

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Practice Social Solidarity, Not Social Distancing, During the Pandemic

It is increasingly clear how fear can bring out our inhumanity. With instructions to practice social distancing, stop border crossings, self-quarantine, or obey lockdowns comes a very familiar fear about the danger of others. The virus is real; the danger is real. Covid-19 is new threat that has manifested as a global pandemic. However, some …

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