Mary Ann DeVlieg

Mary Ann DeVlieg is currently a PhD candidate critiquing the gap between policy and practice in arts and migration policies, linked to the rights of artists impacted by displacement. A case worker for persecuted artists from 2009 through 2019, she co-founded of IARA (International Arts Rights Advisors), founded the EU working group, Arts-Rights-Justice; was Co-Director at freeDimensional (2013-2015); and is a co-founder of the Arts-Rights-Justice Academy, University of Hildesheim.

Temporary relocation, Exile and Artists Impacted by Displacement

What if, the girl says. Instead of saying, this border divides those places. We said, this border unites these places. This border holds together these two really interesting different places. What if we declared border crossings places where, listen, when you crossed them, you yourself became doubly possible. Smith, A., 2019. Spring. 1st ed. London: Hamish Hamilton.  

Analyzing the Art of Resistance

Analyzing the Art of Resistance

A theatre director is beaten and stabbed to death in front of his apartment. Another is shot to death in front of his wife and child. A filmmaker is kidnapped, his fingers cut off, and he’s left to bleed along the roadside. A radio DJ wakes to see his car in flames. A writer comes

Artistic Freedom: a Moveable Feast

There is a shortage of global organizations working to secure the rights and safety of performers at risk, especially theatre artists, whose needs are often harder to meet in cities of refuge they require other artists with whom to collaborate. Despite the excellent work of FreeMuse , PEN , ICORN, freeDimensional, and the Arts Rights

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