Mehdi Mousavi

Mehdi Mousavi is a poet, writer, editor, cultural activist, and pharmacist from Iran. He has been a leading force in postmodern poetry in Iran. He has published sixteen poetry collections and novels, taught literature at universities and colleges, and arranged his own illegal literary gatherings and writing courses. He has also organized literature festivals and written lyrics for Iranian singers. Along with Fatemeh Ekhtesari, he was editor of the journal “Hamin farda bood” (It was the very tomorrow) until it was banned and closed in 2008. After being sentenced to nine years in prison and ninety-nine lashes, Mousavi managed to flee Iran in 2015. He came to Lillehammer as part of the ICORN in 2017.

An Invitation – With No Judgment

Interview   Shuddhashar: What is it that you strive to explore and convey through your poetry? Mehdi Mousavi: My poem is a flip to the audiences to make them think. I transform people and events around me into the poetry, but with psychological, sociological and philosophical perspective. I try to show my audiences the things which …

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