Nawzat Shamdin

Nawzat Shamdin, is an Iraqi Kurdish journalist, novelist and lawyer from Mosul, Iraq. He has penned eleven books, including four novels. He currently lives in Norway as an ICORN guest writer.

We also want to go to Mars!: How the Arab World is responding to the UAE-Israel peace deal

In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the matter is entirely different from the rest of Iraq. The region, which gained semi-independence by a decision of the United Nations in 1991. There is no official relationship between the Kurdish region and Israel. The reason for this, according to observers, is that the region fears that Baghdad

Came out of hell

Before April 2003, Iraq lived like most countries in the Middle East under a dictatorship. People there dreamed of freedom and thought that with the fall of the dictatorship by the United States of America, all their problems would end. But actually, their biggest problems started after that.  The armed groups of Al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam,

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