Hana Shams Ahmed

Hana Shams Ahmed is the former coordinator of the International Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission and currently a PhD Candidate at the Department of Anthropology of York University, Canada. She can be reached at ahmedhs@yorku.ca.

Preeti Urang’s Death is Not a ‘Tragedy’: How the Privileged Class Enables Violence Against Child Domestic Workers

When a child is forced to leave their family home to become a live-in servant at a stranger’s home, when middle-class families exploit the impoverished class by employing live-in child servants, we as a society are complicit in causing harm. And we must stop defining such incidents with the vague and impersonal terms of ‘tragic’ and ‘unfortunate.

Where do the Jumma Indigenous Communities of Bangladesh Stand as the Country’s General Elections Approach?

Historically, the indigenous groups of Bangladesh have been given little opportunity to meaningfully participate in its electoral politics. The upcoming national elections are unlikely to break the trend.

The politics of “Adibashi” recognition

“Native peoples will continue to exist and flourish whether or not we are recognized legally, and you can bet on the fact that terms and definitions will continue to evolve” – Chelsea Vowel (âpihtawikosisân), Métis writer and lawyer from Alberta, Canada in her book Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues …

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