Shuddhashar (শুদ্ধস্বর) was established in 1990 at the advent of the little magazine movement in Bangladesh as an independent magazine and periodical of anti-establishment writing, working towards a broader socio-cultural movement.

Episode:7 | Magazine’s Exile issue

In this episode, we discuss the special issue on the theme of Exile with Shuddhashar Editor, Professor Lisa Irene Knight. The conversation focuses on the nature of being in exile and how to best centre the voices of those who experience the upheaval.  

A Surprise ‘Happy 30th Anniversary, Shuddhashar!’

Tutul, for your steadfast determination to inspire people to listen, expand horizons, re-think assumptions, challenge ourselves, and work harder for more a humane and just world.   For Tutul who never bends to our local brand of fascism, who believes in culture and in transmission of culture, who was reborn more valiant and more brave …

A Surprise ‘Happy 30th Anniversary, Shuddhashar!’ Read More »

Episode:6 | Interview with Uditi Sen

Uditi Sen, a scholar of colonial and post-colonial South Asia, talks to us about identity, memory, migration and citizenship in the context of Partition and its legacy on modern South Asia.    

Episode:5 | Interview with Nadeem Zaman

In this episode of the Free-Thought podcast, we speak to Nadeem Zaman, a Bangladeshi-American author about the duality of his identity and what it means to be brown amidst the racial tensions of modern USA.      

Stop politicising Samuel Paty’s death; uphold the principles he championed

The beheading of the Parisian school teacher Samuel Paty and subsequent stabbing to death of three churchgoers last month are stark reminders that freedom of speech is still very much at peril. From Turkey to Bangladesh, reactionary elements in the Muslim world have seized upon the opportunity to make the most out of the Muhammad …

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Bangladesh in global literature: Shuddhashar interviews Nadeem Zaman and Arif Anwar

Bangladeshi literature has historically been insulated from the world, floundering, thriving, and existing in a cocoon of its own making. To that end, the advent of Bangladeshis writing in English has been a catalyst for change. As Bangladesh adds its literature to the world’s, we speak to novelists Nadeem Zaman (In The Time Of The …

Bangladesh in global literature: Shuddhashar interviews Nadeem Zaman and Arif Anwar Read More »

Episode:2 | Interview with Tasneem Khalil

Investigative journalist and self-described anarchist Tasneem Khalil is the editor-in-chief of Netra News and author of the book, _Jallad: Death Squads, and State Terror in South Asia_ (2016). We speak to this leading commentator on Bangladesh to glean insights into the current state of affairs in a country described as moderately Muslim and a democracy. …

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Episode:1 | Magazine’s LGBTIQ+ issue

Welcome to Shuddhashar’s Free-Thought podcast. In this episode, we highlight the special issue on LGBTIQ+ rights in a conversation between guest editor Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb and contributors Orchi Lohani and Ibtisam Ahmed. The three discuss the realities of queer activism and solidarity, and how platforms like Shuddhashar play a crucial role in supporting marginalized voices. …

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