Shuddhashar (শুদ্ধস্বর) was established in 1990 at the advent of the little magazine movement in Bangladesh as an independent magazine and periodical of anti-establishment writing, working towards a broader socio-cultural movement.

Let Love Live! Stop LGBT persecution

We are deeply concerned about the safety of two Bangladeshi teenage girls currently being targeted because of their sexuality. The leaked news about a botched tryst between these two teenagers has sent local media and social network users into a frenzy. Disregarding the safety and security of the teenagers and their family members, the local

Stop Putin! Stop War!

Shuddhashar stands in solidarity with the Ukrainians as we watch with horror the Russian invasion of their country. With this destructive and entirely unprovoked assault, Russia is aggressively seeking to destroy Ukrainian’s democratically elected government and the people’s own rights to independence and human dignity. Further, such flagrant violation of the territorial integrity of a

Feminism: In Conversation With Marta Breen

In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, Marta Breen, a Norwegian journalist, and nonfiction author whose work focuses primarily on women empowerment and women’s issues, joins the podcast as a valuable contributor to an important discussion about feminism, women’s issues, the male gaze, and more.

South Africa: In Conversation With Sibusiso Hlubi

In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, Sibusiso Hlubi, a valued worker in ICT for government foreign affairs and foreign embassies, joins the podcast as a valuable contributor to an important discussion about South Africa’s various responses to the coronavirus pandemic, travel bans imposed on South Africa, and vaccine apartheid.

Set Assange Free but Also Hold Him Accountable

Barring a miracle, Julian Assange will soon be extradited to the United States and face espionage charges. Forsaken by his native country Australia, stripped of citizenship by his adopted country Ecuador, Assange finds himself a persona non grata in hostile territory — Great Britain. To a motley group of die-hard supporters that includes, inter alia,

Avijit-Ananta Mentorship Programme for writers

Since its inception, Shuddhashar has remained committed to giving marginalised voices a platform. Over three decades, we have had the privilege of publishing works of writers, poets, and artists who represent communities that live on the margins, who are denied rights by the dominant majority, and whose voices are silenced by governments and mainstream media

Intimate Violence: In Conversation With Mahi Akter

“TW: domestic abuse, violence, racism, rape. In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, we speak to therapist and feminist . In our conversation, she dispels the utopian myth about contemporary Sweden by sharing her knowledge on the intersectionality of intimate partner violence, feminism and racism.”

Stand in solidarity with the Afghan people

What took place in the span of a few months after the Biden administration decided to leave the Afghan government to its own devices was decades in the making. For twenty years, beginning with the Karzai government and ending with the Ghani government, none of the US-backed governments managed to gain the trust of the

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