Shuddhashar (শুদ্ধস্বর) was established in 1990 at the advent of the little magazine movement in Bangladesh as an independent magazine and periodical of anti-establishment writing, working towards a broader socio-cultural movement.

Bangladesh in global literature: Shuddhashar interviews Nadeem Zaman and Arif Anwar

Bangladeshi literature has historically been insulated from the world, floundering, thriving, and existing in a cocoon of its own making. To that end, the advent of Bangladeshis writing in English has been a catalyst for change. As Bangladesh adds its literature to the world’s, we speak to novelists Nadeem Zaman (In The Time Of The

Racism: In Conversation With Ororo Munroe

In this episode, we speak to Ororo Munroe, an anti-racism educator and activist in the USA. Ororo is the founder of The Blackful and one of the founders of the Black Women Lead initiative. Ahead of the November election, we discuss centring Black women and femme voices in anti-racism work, and how support for the community needs to go beyond the election.

Trans Rights: In Conversation With Sam Hope

Trans and non-binary activist, counsellor, trainer and writer Sam Hope is a founding member of Nottingham Trans Hub and the author of the book _Person-Centred Counselling for Trans and Gender Diverse People: A Practical Guide_ (2019). We speak to them about the dangers facing the trans community in Europe, and how best to offer meaningful

Bangladesh: In Conversation With Tasneem Khalil

Investigative journalist and self-described anarchist Tasneem Khalil is the editor-in-chief of Netra News and author of the book, _Jallad: Death Squads, and State Terror in South Asia_ (2016). We speak to this leading commentator on Bangladesh to glean insights into the current state of affairs in a country described as moderately Muslim and a democracy.

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