William Nygaard

Literature in Exile

The publisher knows up close how mentally and existentially challenging everyday life is for an author. The work of the author and the artist takes place in solitude, with empathy and concentration, in a search for imaginative imagery to create everything from harmony to agitation. Through reasoning, the author can bring understanding and create stories …

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The Threat of Self-censorship in Publishing

   “The Threat of Self-censorship in Publishing” is the title of the speech that William Nygaard, former Norwegian publisher of Salman Rushdie and president of Norwegian PEN, delivered on the screen at the last World Congress for Publishers, February 2018. Nygaard’s broken leg stopped him from being present in person, much to the relief of …

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The deadly word

We know hardly anything that is more powerful for our human dignity than the free word. In its extremes it islife affirming and existential, but the opposite can also be fatal. It is life-affirming in a functioning democracy. When it acts as both criticallyand applauding towards a regime in mutual tolerance and dynamism. The deadly …

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