Contemporary political cartoons from Bangladesh

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As Bangladesh toils under authoritarian rule, Cartoonist Mehedi has taken up the initiative to draw cartoons that highlight authoritarianism, corruption, and lack of justice in contemporary Bangladesh. Cartoons are a  powerful tool to fight oppression. We hope publishing Mehedi’s cartoons, some of which are previously unpublished, will contribute to the larger struggle of fighting authoritarianism and restoring democracy in Bangladesh.



This is the current state of the constitutional right to vote in Bangladesh


A dialogue between two highly unequal parties on road-safety


A cartoon displayed at a cartoon protest event to protest the Digital Security Act.


Babunagari(Hefazat I Islam) trying to steal the limelight on the controversy over Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s sculpture.


More women domestic-workers are returning from the Middle-east after being tortured by their employers. Are we in such desperate need of remittance?


A Bangladeshi court recently lamented that ordinary Bangladeshis suffer because some top-level officials of the Central Bank have turned it into a sanctuary for the mobsters.


About the role of the Digital Security Act.


Major Sinha’s death in a cross-fire is just the tip of the iceberg.


While Loan defaulters are getting bail at record speed, writers and artists are toiling in prison without any trial.


Don’t spread rumors.




Mehedi Haque has been engaged in the cartoon and comic book industry of Bangladesh since 1997. Born in 1984, Haque achieved his Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Being an urban planner, Haque always dreamt about creating Bangla Comics while working as a freelancer in the cartoon magazine UNMAD. Finally, upon the guidance of veteran cartoonist AHSAN HABIB, Haque started his own Comic Bookhouse. Haque is now the executive editor of UNMAD and senior cartoonist in the daily New Age. For more visit

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