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“Scandalizing” as a Political Weapon: A Reading in the Legal and Social Context of Bangladesh

1 On April 3, 2021, on social media, news spread out that former joint secretary of Hefazat-Islami Mamunul Haque was ‘caught’ along with a woman in a hotel at Sonargaon. A video had been circulated that shows that young men were attacking and questioning Mr Mamunul about the woman who was with him at the

Muslim feminists in the 19th century South Caucasus

A women’s movement started to emerge in Tsarist Russia in the mid-19th century. Just as most progressive ideas, women’s rights issue also came to the Russian Empire from Europe. Because female aristocrats of the country often travelled to Europe, they learned the latest developments towards women’s emancipation and observed heated discussions about women’s rights and

Law Review; Digital Security Act 2018 and Questions of Citizens’ Basic Human Rights

Introduction While enacting the Digital Security Act (DSA) 2018, the Government of Bangladesh deliberated only to protect the critical information infrastructures of the State from various types of cyberattacks.  In the enacting process, State didn’t consider the confidentiality of electronic communication and personal data protection, freedom of expression online and other fundamental human rights of

Safe Havens & Freedom Talks

In December 2013, the first international Safe Havens conference was held in Malmö, Sweden. The idea was to bring together an array of stakeholders in a then-emerging sector at the intersection of culture and human rights. The initiative was started through the Swedish Arts Council to strengthen both the concept of artistic freedom itself and

Bangladesh’s moral position on the question of genocide: Reflection of recent OHCHR vote regarding Tamil genocide

A brief history of Tamil liberation movement in Sri Lanka The world has witnessed a long-standing conflict between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Although the tension between Tamil and Sinhalese communities was there for a while, the conflict intensified in the 1980s due to the violence, inequalities,

The (Hijacked, Whitewashed, and Misrepresented) Identity of Martin Luther King Jr.

After establishing MLK Day, Reagan actually sent an apology to Republican Governor Meldrim Thomas, Jr, who had opposed recognizing MLK’s historical significance. In the letter, Reagan claimed he was celebrating “an image of King, not reality” — perhaps the most explicit admission by White America that it had actively manipulated MLK’s legacy to make him

To Pimp a Butterfly: Rap Music’s Darkest, Brightest, and Most Political Album

“Alright” was a song from To Pimp a Butterfly—perhaps its most famous track. It had served as a Black Lives Matter anthem upon its release, during the marches of 2015. The New York Times has described the song as the “unifying soundtrack to BLM protests nationwide”, and numerous commentators including Black American Television (BET) has

Breathing in a necro-political regime

In a neo-colonial state like Bangladesh, where the concept of sovereignty has not developed through any particular philosophical journey or tradition, but where sovereignty has been established through brutal colonial occupation, in such a state, ‘rule of law’ has always been a ‘state of exception’!   On top of everything, racism was simultaneously the driver

Authoritarianism in Turkey: Past and Present

Individuality, as a human trait, never found this region as its natural habitat — all its inhabitants remain the subjects of the sovereign only.   Unlike countries in the West, Turkey has never experienced the Feudalism–Simple Commodity Production (Petty Commodity Production)–Capitalism sequence. It has the Ottoman Empire in its core. Feudalism never happened; literally. Consequently,

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