A rejection of reductionism

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 The books we publish are forgotten or unrecognized milestones of the world’s critical theory and philosophy. We have discovered them through their (re)editions, their disappearances and our own research, which are the spur of our editorial project. In opposition to essentialist fragmentations and Eurocentric reductionism, and rather than to inquire into the monads, even if they were exotic, we would like to make sense by using all availablemeans. In addition to being diligent sentinels keeping vigil, there will be an effort to expand our horizons by presenting and translating texts, as well as publications in the collections of Éditions de l’Asymétrie. One way to achieve this will be to develop more and more original interfaces between the web and paper.

 The asymmetry under discussion isobviously not that of the braidedstrategists or of the limitingtacticians, thisbenignobeisanceto the quietudes of « Pax Romana » or « generalequilibrium ». Rather, it is the dynamic and central one of struggles, leaks and counter-currents,thatdetermine the whole course of the world, in spite of, and in consequence of the upheavals of recent and more distant history, and which was so often forbidden to be said and written. Asymmetry forces us to rethink the traditional paradigm of power where the duality between territory and population is expressed and unfolded by decoupling from the control of perceptions and mentalities, to the detriment of states, nations and conglomerates, in the face of their necropolitics and through the grey areas. Sketches and compositions of the dynamics of struggles for an anti- or impolitic politics, politics always from below – an unceasing effort to transform a mass of archipelized experiences facing politics still practiced in the manner of religion or metaphysics, based essentially on ratiocinationalsubstantialisms (capitalism, liberalism, …), or plutocratic differentialism becoming beliefs, tropisms or atavisms. That is the way.

 This path must be nourished by a policy of translatingresearchcarried out throughout the world and disseminated outside itsborders, which isdecisivefor an anti-post-national praxis. It passes through a continuous tensiontowards a growingplurality of languagesfrom which and to which we translate ratherthan by the choice of the onlylingua francathatwouldbe English. This pluralityalsoconcerns historiographies, lexicons, modes and registers of particular expressions. We propose to circulatetexts, intertextualities, translated, reappropriatedsothattheybecome dialogues withseveralvoices. To remember the exploited, wounded and dividedmemories and to reintroducetheminto the history of the world, while at the same time realizing the symbolic and practicalinequalitiesthatstillgovern the intellectual and militant movements and combinatorics of our continent, and in the Global South. That isour intention.

 Wewilltry to complete the essayspublished by important criticaldevices, companion and associate sites, digital resources and musical correspondence, based on numerous documents and unpublishedtestimonials.

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