lodge in the zing of

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if the blue bowl of the trees
the interior anonymity of the soil
by that solid anatomy of waves air
parcels turn blue mappage hold their tungs

                          we take a picnic under the blue eaves
carve inside the arteries our initialisms
of the bowl and pare withstood
gaunt brachioles

take green air small
sassing the inborn
skyflick the interior
bounds disunderstood to be
parietal – the blue separts
juncture where you peat your hands
to ply the tree for       hue
conseverance meals

                        sky eats       synchrony in green dirt
with your festooned anatomy
instands the long stripe layers
wearing temporal sheen

of the sky and blue trees – some clothing
being handed now as protectorate for
invisibles       flick points of planet
where the sounds pulse blue parts
lodge in the zing of
stone pliant
play ops
where were where





walls of walnut gloss
sheer baker warm on time
the warm walls sweet as wood
suck wooden hearts

                    aglow monitor    simply parse on lean
warm baker table the anatomy
tucked around the place gleam
mirror hour on spice

calm air fish fly round the
table their dirigible     barrier booms
large sound cupped in
very small area so tiny tympans only

                     so to hear that
warm sound booms such mini
hearage put forward the boom’s
wet glass monitor

held in the barriers of the room
sweet candy wood     explaining
filter time’s sound glimmer
air fish bodies glowing sense





                                              They can deal with unconceal
find proach and feel that
warmth of place – it means

                                              non-human posse ribald
does not seek nor to be

touched – the trees out message
and the sky is green
the sky is blue sends message

– if by understand
built trees topple sky

call their ceiling
rein to another topfest bare placette
if by fest means pass

tether condiments to seal
official linger in the blue
bowl – when you travel, the sky





Just have tow to move
a limb    not van
as a game at all     not of the vite

sledge punt
heuristic birdcalls
sculpting at the light
belay const

fine overframe arches
in which the bones ob
picking and pick dividuals from

among the cluts   cutes cut clip
emanate re    lease as steam    from as the boil
that’s on the narrow deck
swathed in blankts row

field dusty with dogs
being     revved heads whose
prehension sets entire
difference rue

be hind aglass    rain to sally
on the feet-devouring
pavement a gain
const to the beat

to the origami of windows
paid in smiles with teeth
happy to have missed
that note serene

whistles banking   you gain round
sandal corners
lucid cinders crawl up   late
bask sense

some slats haunt
uppity timbres taunt back
ratchet the communal gag
pace on plages

some lease a basket   some
want dough there’s   thers
lunge per nicely
coffee    cream and biscuit brains

perambulate some sticky
door knob opens out to
window gout

     lace plates a    ranging
sup trice mood
rings    basinets of tuck
whilst brakes in air    move

   show them
summons can evolve
emotive chemicals so
fleeces    interprat

as tribute remit
oddwise       just a
here in that place
when the word writes I

it means swat’s conjure
on that      optunity
this one I steeped
in to prever    ope weak

broke non
dominal supposes of good
wit other source      elation
so a driven person loves the drive

the car is beautiful
place not solely vernal
as soon its       unexamined
residue functs

rob   tential gently as
in the many arenas it re-sides
throb with their unnaming
nor whoosh     to be named

in that linguanimal  wit might
this beguile days     ago with ex-
planishing’s pant for oxygen
way      in the montaine

were there-behavior pret
form air wove spectate
mass with       lightly
feel between the   hovers




On Surrealism and Poetry

Enuncer real

Language, an ambient being crucial to the oxygen of our existence, has rights to manifest every way it can. It creates zones of material and ideational touch with the non-lingual. As language grows in every direction possible, and our lingual organs and capacities likewise, it performs expanding acts of representation – which chimes with how much life has on offer to be vocalized heard felt seen & writ.

The surreal is an optative case surging with any lingual according to how it’s engaged & perceived. If the poetry I write in concert with language’s relational forces wishes to or can be described as surreal is anything certainly not a problem. Recombinatory zoetropes co-inveigle the en/un/sur/real: enreal indices, unreal imaginatives, and surreal pleura for motile assemblings. Among other things, poetry breathes this enuncer real.

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