Issue 14


Shuddhashar strives toward the dream of a humane world, the dream of a fair and just world where people are treated with dignity, curiosity, and respect. With this dream before us, we write to encourage critical thinking, analysis, and debate about politics, literature, democracy, religious hatred, communalism, economic and social divides, and human rights. No, no one has imposed this act on us; no one compels us to write. We were attacked because of our writing, and as a society as well as individually, we were brutally wounded. But despite many setbacks and obstacles, our commitment does not allow us to lose. We are continuing our fight. We continue to believe that the pen is more powerful than weapons.


Yet global news shows that it is essential that we persevere in our collective work because the forces that divide us and make us hate and distrust each other continue to grow. After US and its allies ousted the Islamic State from its last stronghold, IS has made South Asia its focus, and with the deadly bombings in Sri Lanka, it showed that it does not need to possess territory in order to spread its terror, whether directly or by inspiration. Further stoking flames of conflict and violence in South Asia, religious nationalism made a sweeping victory in the recent Indian elections. Along with this saffronization of India are increased acts of violence against minorities, including Muslims, Dalits, and Adivasis. The fate of people of Bengali or Bangladeshi descent in Assam remains uncertain and deeply troubling. This conflict between communities that have long lived side-by-side is fueled by political goals akin to the divide-and-conquer policies of British colonialists. The European Union elections shows polarization, with the centrists losing to the left and right, and troubling gains by nationalist parties. The United States appears to court war by increasing tensions through words, threats, military maneuvering, or sanctions with Iran, China, and North Korea. Whereas the US used to be a beacon for free speech, its indictment against Julian Assange on charges of espionage sets an alarming precedent that threatens investigative reporting in all countries.


We dream of a world where humans are treated with dignity, where people trust instead of fear, and where we all strive to act with moral integrity. We are heartened to include more writings by young people in this issue. Although the responsibility for the future is all of ours, the courage and critical awareness of the young generation give us hope. We are pleased to share several excellent articles, and we hope they will help you work toward fulfilling our collective dream.

Fribyforfatterne må få delta i arbeidslivet

Fribyforfatterne må få delta i arbeidslivet

Den siste helgen i april gikk Tysk-norsk litteraturfestival av stabelen i Oslo. Blant de rundt 60 programpunktene ble det blant annet arrangert en samtale mellom fribyforfatter og styremedlem i Norske PEN Asieh Amini og leder for Martin Roth Initiative Maik Müller. To av de største globale organisasjonene for beskyttelse av forfulgte forfattere og kunstnere holder …

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দ্রোহের গানে নারী কন্ঠঃ নকশালবাড়ির শিক্ষা

বৃহত্তর বাংলায় গড়ে ওঠা গণসঙ্গীতের ক্ষেত্রে মেয়েদের ভূমিকা বিষয়ক যে কোন আলোচনার পূর্বে আমাদের বুঝে নিতে হবে, যে গণসঙ্গীত বলতে আমরা মূলত কী বোঝাতে/বুঝতে চাইছি, এবং ঠিক কোন জায়গা থেকে তার এই ‘গণ’-চেতনার ব্যুৎপত্তি। প্রথমেই বুঝে নেওয়া ভালো, আন্তর্জাতিকভাবে গণসঙ্গীত বলতে যে ধারার গানকে উদ্দেশ্য করা হয়, তার জন্ম বামপন্থী, কমিউনিস্ট রাজনীতির অন্দরমহল থেকে। কিন্ত …

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চোখবন্ধ অন্ধ সময় | সতেরো

চোখবন্ধ অন্ধ সময়

ধারাবাহিক উপন্যাস | চোখবন্ধ অন্ধ সময় সতেরো   বেশ কিছু দিন হয়ে গেলো অঞ্জলির জায়েদের বাড়ি ছেড়ে এসেছে, যা এক সময় ওরও বাড়ি ছিলো। সংসার নামের সোনার কেল্লা ছিলো একটা সময়, আজ ও সে বাড়ি থেকে পালিয়ে এসে বুঝতে পারলো, আসলে ওটা ছিলো কনসেন্ট্রেশন ক্যাম্প। একটি জেলখানা। গত কিছু দিন অঞ্জলি একদম  বসে থাকেনি, বরং …

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