Issue 16


Thanks to Greta. She was able to say the words that were embedded in our mind like sea foam. We live in this world. We are afraid of the Amazon fire. All of us who are concerned about the destruction of the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, are united with petitions and petitions. We fear the displacement, destruction, and suffering that will occur with melting ice caps, stronger storms, and rising waters. We have only one world. How dare you!  How strongly a small sentence shakes with our emotions. Shame on politicians and leaders for not even trying to lead us to a sustainable future!  In a race toward destruction in the name of improvement, they behave like unmanaged horses. We dream of a balanced world. We want political leadership to take responsibility. We expect genuine commitments to protect the environment, human rights, freedom of speech, justice, social and economic equality, and democratic culture.

This October, it has been four years since Shuddhashar’s activities in Bangladesh were abruptly ended. How much progress for freedom of expression has been made during these four years? We are very disappointed with the answer. But, we are hopeful that the young people of Bangladesh will not let the blood of Dipon, Avijit, Ananta, and countless others who have written for truth and justice go to waste.

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