Issue 5

Creativity is an extremely joyous force. This joy spreads such an emotional sense of love between people that humanity feels the need to create a better world that protects humanitarianism and moral obligations. This joy is my poetry, stories and prose, my art, my music, my politics, my observations, opinions and thoughts, my cinema, my magazines, my all. Yet this joy also offends. It causes people to die, to flee their homes, to drown in an ocean of uncertainty. Our blood boils for the deceased, and our voices and words rise in protest. We feel pain for the people living through this unpredictability, but their predicament motivates us and pushes us forward. We work for the resurrection of their stifled joy and happiness. We sometimes have no other option but to wait out these moments of sorrow, overwhelming anger, and frustration. But we also know that the alternative to death by art is life by art. The joy of creativity, the joy of art is the fundamental right of an artist. The responsibility of protecting these rights falls on the world and on the whole of humanity. Starting from 16th December 1990 to 16th December 2017 Shuddhashar entered it’s 27th year. Cordial greetings to all our writers, readers and well wishers.

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