Issue 6

We have now had an online presence for over a year. Along with this one year anniversary, Shuddhashar also celebrates twenty seven years since our inception and thirteen years since we started publishing books. With new challenges and circumstances on the horizon, we remain committed to our responsibility of supporting cultural and social movements.

We have observed that writers who survive a state of warfare or other persecutions suffer from a deep grief and depression. They enter a state of lifeless sorrow far removed from their previous vibrant existence. The consequences are indeed very painful. There is a possibility of implementing a plan with an effective psychological programme of social care that would reinvigorate their creative joy. Our concerns also go out to writers who are currently stuck between many uncertain circumstances. We are overwhelmed at the very thought of the pain they are living through. The actions and decisions of a minority of people lacking compassion and duty are causing so many to stop living as even survival is becoming unbearable! This world is becoming deprived of so much poetry, so much art!

In Bangladesh, the issues of freedom of speech and freedom of press have come back to the forefront. On the occasion of the month-long Ekushey Book Fair, the police announced in a press conference that the Bangla Academy would select books only after thorough checks before submission. This type of censorship is certainly against free speech and free expression.

The solidarity and commitment to art and to life remains the journey and the promise of Shuddashar.

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