Issue 8


It is extremely worrying that the act of abusing the rights of religious minorities and secular people has become common practice amongst the so-called religious mainstream in Bangladesh, in the name of maintaining the sanctity of religion. This intolerance is rising on a daily basis. Such acts are contrary to the constitution of Bangladesh and are in opposition to the basic rights of citizenship. But it is being observed with great regret that the Government is not trying to prevent such activity. It is a threat to the religious and cultural diversity and heritage of Bangladesh. At the same time, recent incidents of “crossfire” killings by law enforcement agencies have also increased alarmingly. This level of extrajudicial killings is a black chapter in any civilised society. It makes society regress. Yet, the Government of Bangladesh is using the crossfire tactic for their own political advantage. Without ensuring the rule of law in such shootings, the constitutional and human rights of the people are being denied.

Such concerns are not limited to Bangladesh. The inhuman, irresponsible and morally reprehensible actions of the economically and militarily advanced countries that have been carrying out brutal killings on unarmed Palestinian people, while simultaneously celebrating the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, have made this situation very clear to the world.

Still, we continue to dream of a socialist, liberal and democratic Bangladesh existing in a humanitarian world.

Raising Our Leviathan Or How an Authoritarian Regime Took Shape

Killings without trial, stolen elections, a tamed judiciary, co-opted movements–our country is witnessing the rise of an all-powerful Authoritarian regime. How did we get here? “Men look not at the greatness of the evil past, but the greatness of the good to follow.” -Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651) More than fifty people killed in a week. …

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The Debate over Science’s Essence: Hume, Popper and Kuhn

Hume’s ‘Problem of Induction’ In our everyday life, we place tremendous faith in inductive reasoning. We intuitively seem to know that the sun will rise tomorrow just like it has risen today and since the day our ancestors started keeping track of time. While making a left turn we don’t expect vehicles to veer to …

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No More Fake Candy! An Essay About Saving Democracy with Technocracy

Imagine a democratic society where politicians use all their resources on what they are meant to do, instead of engaging in manipulative and low standard verbal fights in the media. Currently, the stream of news media dictates the politicians, and politicians dictate the media. Never before have political parties used more money on public relations …

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Sex under Dictatorship

About the Author Gunel Movlud is a prominent author of contemporary Azerbaijani literature. Her poetry, publications and prose are called “The Literature of People” because she has not put borders between literature and politics and between her activity as a writer and her activity as a citizen. Gunel Movlud (Imanova) was born in Karabakh, Azerbaijan …

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চোখবন্ধ অন্ধ সময়

বারো: মায়ের সঙ্গে ফোনে কথা বলার পর অঞ্জলী আবার চোখ বন্ধ করে বালিশের সঙ্গে জোর করে নিজের মাথা চেপে ধরে রাখে,এক রাজ্যের ঘুম চোখের পাতায় জমে আছে কিন্তু খিঁচে বন্ধ করে রাখা চোখে এক ফোঁটা ঘুম ছিলনা। গত কিছু দিন ধরে অঞ্জলির ওপর দিয়ে এক অনাহূত ঝড় বয়ে যাচ্ছে কাল সে ঝড় হঠাৎ করে তাণ্ডব …

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