Episode: 17 | Interview with Mahi Akter

“TW: domestic abuse, violence, racism, rape. In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, we speak to therapist and feminist . In our conversation, she dispels the utopian myth about contemporary Sweden by sharing her knowledge on the intersectionality of intimate partner violence, feminism and racism.”  

Episode: 16 | Interview with Zane Robinson

On this episode of the Free-Thought Podcast, we speak with Zane Robinson, the Community Programmes Manager and Trans Programme Coordinator at LGBT Foundation. We discuss intersectionality, accessibility, accountability, and self-care in LGBTQ+ activism.    

Episode: 13 | Interview with Andrew P. Kroglund

Author and commentator – and Shuddhashar contributor – Andrew P.  Kroglund joins us for this episode of the Free-Thought Podcast. Our conversation covers the urgency of tackling the climate crisis, with a specific focus on how developed countries like Norway can and should play a part.  

Episode: 12 | Interview with Prof. Tom Moylan

In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, we welcome Prof. Tom Moylan, a founding director of the Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies. We discuss the values of utopianism in the modern era and have a detailed discussion about the politics of non-violence in activism.  

Episode: 11 | Interview with Avery Delany

On this episode of the Free-Thought podcast, we are joined by Avery Delany to discuss the work of the decolonisation collective, DecolAnth @ Gold. Avery works alongside Nicole Mayangi, Rambasayi Marufu, Dr Adom Philogene and Heron and Dr Gabriel Dattatreyan to intersectionally critique and change structural issues in anthropology scholarship and practice.  

Episode: 10 | Interview with Dr. Heather Alberro

In this new episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought podcast, we are joined by Dr. Heather Alberro, whose work focuses on intersectional approaches to environmentalism. We discuss the challenges that lay ahead in creating a world that is sustainable and environmentally just.  

Episode:9 | Interview with Amy Baxter

In the first episode of the new year, the Free-Thought podcast talks to Amy Baxter, founder and chief editor of Bad Form Review. She reflects on the need to highlight voices of colour in writing and publishing, and the challenges that lie ahead.  

Episode:7 | Magazine’s Exile issue

In this episode, we discuss the special issue on the theme of Exile with Shuddhashar Editor, Professor Lisa Irene Knight. The conversation focuses on the nature of being in exile and how to best centre the voices of those who experience the upheaval.  

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