Free-thought Podcast

The Shuddhashar Free-thought Podcast releases issue-centric podcast episodes. For each episode, we invite an academic, writer, or activist to share their experiences working on a particular sociopolitical issue. Most of our podcast guests are also contributors to our theme-based magazine issues.

Norway: In Conversation with Andrew P. Kroglund

Author and commentator – and Shuddhashar contributor – Andrew P.  Kroglund joins us for this episode of the Free-Thought Podcast. Our conversation covers the urgency of tackling the climate crisis, with a specific focus on how developed countries like Norway can and should play a part.

Utopianism: In Conversation With Tom Moylan

In this episode of the Shuddhashar Free-Thought Podcast, we welcome Prof. Tom Moylan, a founding director of the Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies. We discuss the values of utopianism in the modern era and have a detailed discussion about the politics of non-violence in activism.

Decolonisation: In Conversation With Avery Delany

On this episode of the Free-Thought podcast, we are joined by Avery Delany to discuss the work of the decolonisation collective, DecolAnth @ Gold. Avery works alongside Nicole Mayangi, Rambasayi Marufu, Dr Adom Philogene and Heron and Dr Gabriel Dattatreyan to intersectionally critique and change structural issues in anthropology scholarship and practice.

Racism: In Conversation With Ororo Munroe

In this episode, we speak to Ororo Munroe, an anti-racism educator and activist in the USA. Ororo is the founder of The Blackful and one of the founders of the Black Women Lead initiative. Ahead of the November election, we discuss centring Black women and femme voices in anti-racism work, and how support for the community needs to go beyond the election.

Trans Rights: In Conversation With Sam Hope

Trans and non-binary activist, counsellor, trainer and writer Sam Hope is a founding member of Nottingham Trans Hub and the author of the book _Person-Centred Counselling for Trans and Gender Diverse People: A Practical Guide_ (2019). We speak to them about the dangers facing the trans community in Europe, and how best to offer meaningful

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