Shuddhashar (শুদ্ধস্বর)

Shuddhashar (শুদ্ধস্বর)’s primary mission is to publish work at the intersection of politics, free speech, activism, and literature. It is a platform to inspire writers at risk or in exile by giving them an opportunity to expose their work and to contribute to social and political change through the exchange of ideas between writers and human rights activists. Shuddhashar upholds the belief that truth is not absolute, but that we have the responsibility to debate and to put our best minds and ideas together to seek solutions to human-made problems.  Shuddhashar, therefore, seeks new ideas and perspectives from writers, human rights activists, and scholars. We aim to connect people and ideas in order to collectively address societal ills and to provide a model for constructively debating solutions.

We actively solicit and publish writers. Reach out to us with your ideas.  We are interested in articles that contribute constructively to our mission. We do not publish work that reflects hostility or endorse stereotypes of any groups of people.