My voice walks on water

Secrets of Poetry As a poet and activist from Southern Syria, my goal is to contribute significantly to the enrichment of literature with a strong emphasis on the reality of war. Thanks to my background in social activism during the war in Syria and ten years of work as a medical technician in a women’s

I went crazy touching your tears

My poems are full of native language games I have been writing in different genres and forms for over three decades in the “world of literature” and have experienced different environments. But my reputation in Iran is mostly due to the establishment of a literary stream called “Postmodern Ghazal”. In this course of poetry, I

The Sound of Silence

My life, my poetry  My life is bonded with war: from my childhood to my adulthood, from my daily routines to my every move, from my daily daydream to my nightmare. War was my life and my dream for more than four decades. War took everything of me, but the worst were the two brutal

The Moon, a spoken word poem

Editor’s note: In her poetry, Marlanda Dekine – Sapient Soul uses spoken word, a form of poetry based in performance and oral tradition and frequently used to comment on social justice and systems of inequality. Spoken word is meant to be listened to and experienced through sound, with meter and aural aesthetics as important components.

To be living like matchsticks

What Why in the How The still is the lord of the restless – Lao Tzu  To be living anywhere in the world at this point in time provides many accelerating reasons for loud distress. Primarily, climate crisis and the current and ever-imminent extinctions that characterise a planetary spiral into what might be less-than-cheerfully abridged

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