exiled writer

Life is a journey

Life is a journey through reality that is filled with our emotions. Exile is the feeling of being without land, even though we were born on Earth. Borders are fake lines arranged to polarise our human race and to create a reason to fight. When we were born, we had neither nationalities nor religions; we

Refugee Journey

Each day seems very long:  the day turns to a week, week turns to months, and months turn into a year. My family and I have been here in the United States for eight years now. When I look back on my life journey, it was like yesterday. I’ve come a long way. Life wasn’t

Writing in Exile

At first, you lose family, friends, places, memories, and after a while, you face the big question: Who am I? From here, searching for the dismantling of difficult questions begins. The journey usually ends without obtaining answers, either about the question of identity or about the biggest question of existence itself. Whether exile is voluntary

Struggling with Destruction

Whenever someone asks me about the “immigration experience”, I unconsciously get angry. The first thing I say is: I have not emigrated! I have fled my country. Some, like me, may have “fled” their country, but their purpose in leaving the country is similar to the purpose of an immigrant. They want to gain the

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