Henrik Kjellmo Larsen

Cultural genocide: In Conversation With Esther Brito and Henrik Kjellmo Larsen

In this special episode of the Shuddhashar Free-thought podcast, we focus on the theme of our November 2022 issue, Cultural Genocide. Joined by contributors Esther Brito and Henrik Kjellmo Larsen, PhD researchers at the American University School of International Service and Monash University in Australia, respectively, we attempt to deconstruct and walk through the evolution of cultural genocide in the 21st century.

Systemic racism in European migration politics?

In 2020, when George Floyd was murdered by four officers from the Minneapolis police department in the United States, a debate concerning systemic racism in the American police made international headlines. It quickly expanded to encompass the reality systemic racism as such, spreading to Europe and confronting nations allegedly incorporating structural racism that devalues black

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