Short Story

“A New Way of Spelling Athens”: a survey of contemporary Greek short fiction

Woof, Woof, Dear Lord by Sotiris Domitriou (trans. Leo Marshall). Kedros, 1995. Something Will Happen, You’ll See by Christos Ikonomou (trans. Karen Emmerich). Archepelago Books, 2016. Good Friday Vigil by Yorgos Ioannou (trans. Patrick Mackridge and Jackie Wilcox). Kedros, 1995. I’d Like by Amanda Michalopoulou (trans. Karen Emmerich). Dalkey Archive Press, 2008. On My Aunt’s …

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You Never Know What You’re Going to Get

The contemporary Arabic short story lives in the literary shadows. For hundreds of years, poetry was the most glamorous literary genre in Arabic. Although the erudite composed and compiled many prose works in Arabic, including works we would recognize now as short stories, poetry was the genre where an author earned the widest admiration. This …

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Oasis Iniya dragged herself to the motel’s front desk, but no one was there to check her out. She poured some free coffee—it was decent for a hotel brew—and waited, before deciding to leave the key cards on the counter. The rest of the gang would be testy, she knew. They had been waiting for …

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I, Lilli Man

I, Lilli Man They call me Lilli Man. They call me other names, too. Lilli Butcher, for example. Ever since I’ve started the farm, they’ve begun baptizing me “Lilliputian.” One muggy afternoon in August, sitting on the veranda, I am sulking about it. A female Lilliputian, who I call Li, is lounging in my lap. …

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Heaven Anyone who accidentally touches Alef’s hands says they are feminine, making the boys in the madrasa—who have never touched the hands of any woman, except for their mothers or sisters—curious. The boys invite Alef to play a game with them—led by seventeen-year-old Qaf, who wants to be the first to touch Alef’s hands. Alef …

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Shark In the room, Bo’s curled up and snoring. I try to imagine his former self: a rodeo star, all those girls crawling through windows to try to get to him like he told me. He’d been my first, and we dated off and on in high school—we were touch and go during his rodeo …

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