Shuddhashar’s Online Magazine as (Auto)Biography

At this 30th year anniversary, the online magazine of Shuddhashar is a biography – or autobiography? – of Shuddhashar and its publisher. I was first introduced to Shuddhashar in February 2018. At that time, Shuddhashar had been online for a little more than a year. I read the articles. The bimonthly magazine issues were hopeful …

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A Surprise ‘Happy 30th Anniversary, Shuddhashar!’

Tutul, for your steadfast determination to inspire people to listen, expand horizons, re-think assumptions, challenge ourselves, and work harder for more a humane and just world.   For Tutul who never bends to our local brand of fascism, who believes in culture and in transmission of culture, who was reborn more valiant and more brave …

A Surprise ‘Happy 30th Anniversary, Shuddhashar!’ Read More »

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