Black Lives and Experiences – From USA to Norway

“Please, I can’t breathe,” said 46-year-old George Floyd before becoming unconscious. Floyd died of asphyxiation during an arrest in Minneapolis in May. His family ordered two independent autopsy reports. They did not trust the report from the authorities, which stated that he did not die from asphyxiation but a combination of pre-existing health conditions and

Can Joe Biden Reverse the Dwindling Trend in Democracy and Freedom?

The pandemic has pushed iconic democracies like the US and India too. It has tested the strengths of their democratic institutes and pluralism, as reports have suggested rising social xenophobia (sometimes backed by ruling party men) against minorities, racism and rise of conspiracy theories in partisan line. It is not new news that worldwide, freedom

Voting in 2020

Trump isn’t any stranger to a good old fashioned scandal —  from multiple allegations of sexual assault to the revelation that he pays next to no taxes, to the numerous links between Russia and the Trump campaign that serve as evidence of collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election. Despite the endless list of

Why is the media ignoring Julian Assange?

Observers feel that the Assange case creates a precedent that threatens freedom of the press in Britain and elsewhere. If Assange is extradited, then any journalist who publishes information that the American authorities deem to be classified, however well-known or harmless it may be, will risk being extradited to face trial in America.   Isn’t

The Moon, a spoken word poem

Editor’s note: In her poetry, Marlanda Dekine – Sapient Soul uses spoken word, a form of poetry based in performance and oral tradition and frequently used to comment on social justice and systems of inequality. Spoken word is meant to be listened to and experienced through sound, with meter and aural aesthetics as important components.

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