The human being and humanity

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The human being and humanity.

What does humanity mean?

If the human being is blood and body and probably soul, how does our humanity compare to these?

Are we limited? Will our humanity finish when we die?

We as a humankind do not know each other without names.

Our knowledge belongs to others, starting with our names; we need someone else to call us by our names to know ourselves. We do not exist without an introduction.

The titles of our life are names, which we got when we were born. Even then, we do not know our personality without names.

Everything in our life needs a definition; our mind will not understand the materials without descriptions such as color, taste, smell, shape – anything that involves our senses.

Therefore, it is easy for the mind to accept the body and the blood. But, is it not easy to accept the soul?

We do not have the ability to feel with our senses concepts like the soul; our mind gives it a definition through observation, and through our long journey on the earth.

As a human, we have been given the name of god, and somehow, we compare it to the soul.

Our knowledge does not stop at this step; it becomes so complicated, especially when we have several religions and languages, so our knowledge has been changing just as our bodies, our thoughts, and our universe are also changing.

So, what is the truth through all this changing?

The soul, which we believe in, has as many different definitions as the languages in the atmosphere that surrounds it.

If we do not know this thing which we think is a soul, then what is it? Then how could we know the definition of humanity?

The definition of the Human being means to try to be a being. This meaning in religions is the opposite of the creation of god because the human is the top of the triangle in biology.

In this case, why does the human kill his or her human brother or sister? Why have we been defining human rights?

This confusing issue opens up many questions.

Why we do not believe that we are a part of biological circle instead of a part of biological triangle – as eco, not as ego.

Do we fight for blood and bodies?

Or do we fight for being?

If we are fighting for being what the human being means, do we have a contradiction between our senses and our feelings?

We do not know what humanity means, and no one teaches us what it means.

However, we know exactly how to fight and how to define.

The middle point between these things are borders.


Art image credit: Rola Hamza, Syrian artist.



Kholoud Charaf is a Syrian poet, art critic and current ICORN resident in Krakow, Poland. She won 2018 “Ibn  Battuta ” prize.












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