The Sand Genie

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Had I known that the Germans would not succeed in producing an atomic bomb I would not have lifted a finger.
                                                                                                                                                                 -Albert Einstein


The Sand Genie
on a scorched & usurious desert soil
born from the rise of excessive polar ash
he hails from summoned astral volcanoes from prisms rarely known on Terra Firma pictured as if sought to reduce & vilify
as if landed from sumptuous regions of discomfort
from squared minuses in hell
losing his balance in a rancid crater on the moon
projecting oneiric comets which erupt from the sea
this being the eloquence of blazing
where fires assemble
& swallow & translate forces
thereby understanding language that is haunted nuance
being spells of refrangible quintessence
not unlike a concrescence of hyenas
fires from such living being un-principled foment
are terse
as curiously chronicled umbilical detritus coursing through seductive Sand & amnesia
& what does this Genie envision as grammar?
eviscerated forests ?
chromosomal blankness?
structure less light from the un-dimmed?
he signals interactive carnage
this being fate that conceals itself as critical anaemia
as momentary seed springing from perilous cinema
surpassing bitterness beyond pure causation
so is his power excess electrical warping
or chronic ascent through electrical Bohemias?
first of all
The Genie as synapse
as gelatinous cross-wiring
as condoned intangible
as aurific navigation
perhaps I could say that he is isle
or perfect onyx vibration
& this onyx vibration
being of blackened nettles & water
its kinetic metier
flooded with curious micro-haunting
as it applies to collective human navamshas
the latter
having been drained & turned
to utter fabrication
which seems to utter through devolving lunar instigation
he projects a mis-perceptive zodiac
of the species marred by the error of gross extensive assumption
summoned as they’ve been through radiation as ascent
this being the ground
this being how termites are brewed
of how insects are frayed
of how the soil is structurally forgotten
within such a condition
even ghosts have lost their plenitude
have lost their optic arrival
in the wake of primal solar leakage
at times
even The Sand Genie roars
& trans-mixes his fevers
& alerts his own sums
to an overwhelming imminence
of a dazzling portends of an absence of himself
The Sand Genie
perhaps a chronic solar registration
a mirage
an aura
a bell
disguised in various forms
rising up from ocean bottoms
as various sigils of himself
not self-predicted
or an auto-somal scroll
understood as uranic registration
as Kemetic psycho-physical balance
but respiring as terminal sand tiempo
he who whispers & peers & marks down of powerful post-circulation
has decreed absent bodies in space knowing his central substance as bio-evasive charisma
knowing in himself a lesser pan-cyclical motion
perhaps as jettisoned crags
that self-consult themselves through wasteful refinement
understanding how stages are wrought
of how stages appear
beneath a dawn of combustive crows
there exists motive to cancel the crows
to self-suggest their vaporization
or the absenting of their pure unmitigated haunting
at times
he collaborates through schist
through simultaneous emboldening
so much so
that he haunts beings near demise
at the base of his work
intuitive self-haunting
secretive rural edicts
knowing himself to be poisonous tablature that always reeks of mastication
the irradiated
having the power of great migrational poison
at the stark inception of incalculable nullification
a polyphonic imposter
knowing it’s false composure
its contained analytical imbalance
reeking of imbalance & oblivion
this being the mist of his un-bevelled background
devoid of ancient pacification & study knowing his labour by impassioned falsehood
scattered as amnesia diamonds
all the while ascending active codes of negation
as teeming bio-electrical carbon
he makes substance appear
that remains a glossary of disorder
aligned with panicked silk through dissolution
because he speaks from nths
from anecdotal mirage
he takes on essence that is geomantic bone as a stacker of bones
as geomagnetic provider
after a spate of random tossing
& so The Sand Genie
over & above darkened operating planes
re-comingles salt from stolen ancestors’ trees
there he evinced a strange Cacophony as clarity
that attempts to see unknown
condensed through revolving after-existence
The Sand Genie
not phenomena surrounded by misanthropic yield
but  misinterpretation
glancing off its power as fog
a thief of life
an emitted threatening fission
that uprooting & threatens the central station of the body
The Sand Genie
a blinding collaborative unto itself
always seeking to placate the living
can we say
burnt spells
in-officious myths
in-fortuitous dynamics
I am only plagued when I enter the light of his cause
that springs from engulfing eternities
a calamity beyond hissing
as part way focus into death
as if there were swarming into view
as dark incendiary scorching
breeding fractional imbalance
so as to probe his own air bursts
being a curse on Earth which seeps through interregnums
providing a twin constitution which seethe between witness & absence
I am not here to the Genie
to colonize his precipice or re-signal his wavelength
as sigil
as ongoing prophecy
he can called a dust of skeleton in a burnoose
making steps inside negation
in order to fulminate a rebus
in order to divide & re-scorch conifers
here is a realm laid bare
by the fire of a negative spectral torch
by means of a blazing chemical pontoon
a ghastly disorder
a ghostly view of sand within sand
being subscript with erasure by pure ammonia
as inverted bell
as hellish monarch super-imposed as disorder
as muffled utterance at inscrutable scale
he understands the fragmentary
the drafts of chaos & water
of insular scrolls that hurtle rocks onto ice
The Sand Genie
a perfectly tainted plasma field
being a weather that howls
being post-notational beyond boundary
a curious insurgency
an im’
In’- felicitous hounding
with human skeletal mazes always held at the throat by the power of threat
he provides for his citizens a spent uriel colony
the ideographic fissioning of a departed old shoe
in order to give himself a false dimension of himself
he curiously howls
he fixates a passing form of himself
in order to promulgate panic
in order to self-procure himself through separate parts of annihilation
subsurface chatter
oblique & sustained forensics
against life as sustainable hygiene as future
The Sand Genie
an empirical diabolic
with perfectly negated antipodes
always erupting with Unscalable combustion
as terminally procured waste
being gross cycles across the eons
with all the chronicles dispersed
with the ozone long engulfed
the latter alive as contaminate scenario
this being
utopia as concentrated stain
as boiling spilled from the inanimate abstracted animal field
even ruined a ruined penury as system
this being perpetual inclemency
this being demise which seeks to rule the Sun
the deadlines kept intact as anarchic bouquet
as the grammar of disappearance of even the laws of Hades
so this Genie has crossed out the slate of estranged suns
understanding his cogito as torrential suffocation
forcing his own example to feast upon himself
as of now
I am speaking as a blind river
as a circumstance which erupts from occlusion as index
as dark improvisatory core
attempting through susurration
to make proof through public cyclone in this regard
to undermine the Genie
to re-direct his respiration
to make of his redress something other than the unbelievable
to make of him a purposeless novella
to make of purposeless non-effect
he being
the toxic concussion of evil
the calendar that registers through amorphous annihilation
via an owl as rotating hubris
as if all were concluded
do I consider myself simple speech throughout fumes
a pre-cognitive analysis
a mock movement that teems with isolation?
which teems as a fraught utopia conducting life beyond unalterable end?
perhaps I am he who pre-figures The Sand Genie
who alters his riddle
& his table of chastisement
always remaining in this state tense with lucidity
I feel as if speaking from a hall of splayed rock
burning with itinerant phonemes
with puzzles
with armed inertia
alarmed at the maze of my own prophetic bleakness
knowing it’s profound & cursory phantoms knowing it’s strength through reversal of causes
The Sand Genie
of bio-nuclear yield
of billions & billions of eons
of explosion of the normal aspects
of brokered land study
of armies of war
of conducted mis-giving
the above
being the ambush of life
of the unserviceable through death
not bio-glaciation
or all of countable history
there exists no soul to weigh
no constructive interior momentum to unleash
there is interior factorization summoned from the hellish
I describe him with more than skeptical blame
with more than dishonest tactics
he sours the very vocation of being
he is the tumult which angers the private arrogance of suns
as if he honed the very river of the cosmos
his power of negation
created by those who tell themselves
that they were weighed on crosses
that their transgressions are forgiven
that their vipers skin is cloaked by wool
they re-populate nausea with the wrong ideal
ringing bells at panicked cisterns
I’ve risen to the boundary of this Genie knowing
his thanotopic look
his blank divisional character
his flight above protrusion corpses
The Sand Genie
not lucidity as dimensional
being insidious to the degree that his silhouette rises & pauses at the vapour of emission
this Genie
this menace
this ghost that threatens the dead
over & beyond the demonic as effort
he aspires by soaring beyond the barriers of the unclean
beyond the inverted rays of biological monsters
the perfect engine of the graveyard
the famished tone
the shock of blistered mountain chains
by this I mean
the failure of process
of monastic bleeding
or the powers which reside in useless serial lizards
I cannot say that I am a perfect crystal moth ready to waft back to eternity
I am scorched
by unbelievable dimness
by codes of death possessing energy as nothingness





On Phonemic Acceleration

By normalizing deafness as a burning transfer of gulfs is transmuted as 2², audic transfer by conundrum ignited within recent time scale by Pierre Reverdy giving rise to lingual kinetic as presence being nothing other than exploded gravity as transmutation not as transferred liminality never suggested by common parlance via staggered liminality. This realia presently persists as alchemical presence not only as dissonant dissemination but as existential grammar that sows its own excitability. Never by means of fore-stalled scholarship immured in a frozen chair of grammes, but ascending so as to fly into alien mesmerics into shamanic spells of dawn. Never characterized by seeming dissonance, or by skills that simmer attempting sprawling realms seep from light akin to common gladiators candles as form that amounts to the barest form of subjective gaze that seeks to implement itself further by subjective explosion.

The latter being none other than heated presence that pursues itself angle after angle via a vivid pole star being seepage as hidden mesmerism. For me, this being kinetics that prevails upon itself, not as blind characterological dictation that repeats itself state after state via catatonic witness, not the stasis of a catatonic eaglet, but by scattered ignition that partially rises ceasing to allow its principate by terminal figmentation.  Thus it issues shadows from a towering gull, not as fragmented simulation but as principle component within the cells, sans static pathologically swept from existence. This principle component alive as prior statement secluded from fossilization that is logical analysis.

This is what Edward de Bono understood to be the partially activated mind. Not as subsequent or irrelevant electrical current, or as dominant spell, but as subsequent mixture that poses ruin to the general province that is thought. Because rational inscription exists as ideological alibi it has become blight as sarcophagus, as dazed element by creatural lightning by attempting to pose power as presence. When linear skill fuels the majority presence of the mind it fails to combine its essence as generative presence. Of course one is not summoning ideology, but all the while summoning its growth by greater presence. Of course one is not partially clarified by ideology but by summoning greater parts of itself. What de Bono signifies as Brainstorming is never an idealized habitat, but inner monsoon as flexibility, as procreation that dazzles as circulation that does not chronicle that avails itself as suddenly expelled whistling. Not discourse by blinding, but discourse by evanescence. Not discourse by blinding, or by deployable dialectics. But the mind as evolved solitary riddle. But as evolved schism prior to the Occidental mind as it principally devolves to forms of Edwardian thinking.

A match that rivals that itself closer to its own consequence to African musicality prior to mismatched colonial code morphing into code as disappearance. Therefore colonial code morphs into utterance as disappearance, as a secondary psychic state. This is where colonial realms morph into dazed forms of etching. This being scent that morphs into logical vacuums  impossible to chart the unknown. Never phonemically isolated according to rigidified isolation but according to ascendant musicality being perfect pitch not as rival to itself but as opening. Therefore it reveals its own tonality according to higher destination as consciousness. At certain levels it grasps itself by innominate thrilling, as full some cipher that bursts beyond tenacious summons as incommensurate ether, then as a range of sonics where a state of mind opens to a mind non-limited by super-imposed curricula. Not hand-sewn molecules, but a new demonstration of being. A fortune that surpasses prior clarity.

Here is where present planetary society loses its grasp as it wanders within its geriatric wilderness. This latter realia mechanically fore-stalls itself and goes beyond its own declaration which goes beyond its own bickering having no possibility of dalliance via its improbable  forecast structured as it is by its caliginous dimming. This being heritage  as sterilized psychic ensemble  being clouded fore-stalled mesmerism as praxis. The latter being attempt to ignite heightening in a sun baked lava forest. Not leakage but as quantification that Michel Leiris was forced to confront circa 1927. At present we continue to wander in the abyss as the populace continues to roam within an overspill of nightmares which become geriatric endorsements of reconfigured being psychic ammonia by blizzard, by claw mark, by apocrypha as stasis. This being flailing as foreseeable habitation, being essential presence by ruin. At best a bitter sweet debacle, by wizened cephalic authority.

Such cephalic authority remains in essence a collective mentality akin to the static definition of mules, as foreseeable habitation as anti-tremendum being hazard as  insufficient oscillation. The latter being a blazing gale that self-suffocates,  that tends to isolate its own effort. Every state of contact then fluctuates with blindness that affects itself as promulgated riddle that studs its formation as a geriatric beacon.

Bengaged sub-trance of itself it remains an old infected model attempting to ignite its singular enigma. Therefore it retains itself as sterilized optimum with no other option than that of quantity. This state of mind can only its state of reference through microbial kindling, where lingual operatic condenses as ensemble by nadir. Thereby condoning an overarching societal motif that brusquely pantomimes itself as economic fatigue, not as excellence or mellifluous clairaudience, but by mechanical priority. A priority that never blazes and rises by extending as wizard being not unlike monotony as architectural habituation, but upper metric that propounds by doctrine as fragmented form of summation that can only convene by dialectical inheritance. This being beleaguered belittlement not as crystal that summons its own latitude not as incendiary magnitude, yet it rises and descends within isolate fragmentation.

This remains a society that impels its own ruin, a basilica engraving a dire logistics symbolizing its own self-mesmerism as it attempts to rise above self-categorization. A laborious journey linguistically stunted, haunted via its own circuitous presence. This amounting to an amalgamated fore-stalling at childish gaming, not unlike hopscotch by gentrification that can only whittle away the square of its own meaning. It remains a territorial that plots its own condemning. This simulates a sterile metaphysical state being non-other than a poisonous secondary warren not unlike self-descent. Not anywhere proposing a staged musical aria that channels its own self-deficit of itself with the invisible geriatrics of a principally stunned lorikeet. Let me say, that it attempts to voice its prisms across restrictive nebulae. To say in English that it registers as scattered struggling to ascend into circularity. Not the maze of an approximate kingdom, perhaps a grazed gem of inimical sparkling alive as philosophical habitat. An exploded mausoleum as dictatorial prairie. Not the case that shadows as an approximate alive but a temporal attitude that is drift. Perhaps a circumstance of grazed gemstones, of inimical sparkling diamonds of faded philosophical prairies. Then again, an exploded mausoleum that explodes is haunted by its own blazing, by the very nature of its own blazing. A haunted shrillness within the very nature of its own immobility. It therefore speaks in dazed amalgam existing as despicable nuance, as exploded decimation alive as powerless foci, the result, a mesmerizing, not as deficit, but as exploded philosophical sheaf that flares just this side of its own precarity. Attempting to arise above staunched acres shrill within its own immobility. Because of this it utters via dazed amalgam being flame that issues from Dutch green saffron. Therefore one is condemned to powerless habitation, to monochromatic liberty, not unlike a force fed peregrine storing its rituals in a lesser form of habitat.

Therefore I am altering the kinetics of fuelled reasoning altering its contorted

threat issued from kinetic demons that on the whole seemingly activate themselves via principled property. Not as riveting gleam or monstrous Peregrine ensembles fuelled by kinetic persistence being a form of code or shrill gemstones blazing but invasiveness, seemingly skilled as aphoristic model while being desiccated riddle that summons its own amplification. Perhaps as haunted dazzling that rises and condemns its own prior chronicle. Perhaps as shifting morass that proclaims and announces stunted pattern, as decimation according to pre-conception or reference to blinding skill sans interior harmony as purposeless leonine property. These are anthems that condone their own mythology by prior wattage phasing themselves as stunted direction or peril.

This is revealed by the marking of gravestones, by immaturity as incident, as if the coffin were only a childish incident. As one immerses oneself in circuitous navigation made prevalent by ether, one then provokes by higher dazzling, by powers that foment higher dazzling rising via illegible tandem. Never as ostracized molecular substrate, as osmosis revealed by othered participation of themselves by prior Eddie’s or happenstance throughout fortnights. This being dazzling that blinds by partial amazement, by anarchic millipede that reveals itself  on a powerless plane that is admission of itself that in a deeper sense fails to herald bells with dense optimization that portends its serial navigation that portends itself by miraculous ease. This being grammar by pre-intended after-effect. Not by mausoleum or chariot that dazzles by pre-intended dust by ozonal sterility. Perhaps one can call this methodical miscarriage or simple foil as delimited anthem. Never clear cut as simple heresy or by the in-miraculous as phantom or perhaps vein-lit crystallization by transparence that seems to rise by static occultation.

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