through and through and through and through

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a dormouse sedan
is only psycho bitch horse
it is sedatives
all the way down ultrasound
hysterical calls hair gel
cavolo nero
kale the color of my mood
pterodactyl day
is surgery yesterday
through and through and through and through
orange popsicles
so says psycho itch is sweet
also scurrilous
if wishes were horses there
rides a cavity tonight
in ceremony
buried beside my mother
my hysterectomy
the hen wife laughs and is still
laughing she names hecate come
a papyrus bit
is not only serpentine
salt is listening
subzero freezer rose all
submarine means through and through
sister and nice also known
as egyptian niece
where brain and fibroids go out
through the nose the ocean says
mackerel little
is side holding me before
fish the surgery
finishing gender I need
the ocean and her daughter
body obsolete
inside my abdomen could
be may mayonnaise
may be blood turned into mud
through and through fibroid island
is only leading sugar
of vasculature
red downtown for nutrients
fiber fibroids fruit punch gust
a fish hurricane
turns the ocean upside down
looking clouds into pink could
it is only leather skies
trousers says pewter
submarine means through and through
mere compare with twigs
sprigs rubbish fallen leaves and
anthropologist of trash


Not Hysterical

if I were a fish
what finish would eye sister
not yet landing go
fish she is a hurricane
through and through and through and through
cervical lesson
sin or king superficial
if fear is sinking
lesions licking cereal
pinecones all following down
bilateral leaves
opening into bird bones
found inside the rubbish bins
is serious leaves gliding
fallopian tubes
ligament leggings I meant
mackerel little
has a pony named rainbow
willing to follow
under her fin to schooling
is worth watching on facetime
engine and cat box
definition of friendship
overturning boat
turns over everything
in the obsolete sense help
if I could I would
teleport the right seaweed
I hear a fire truck
anthropologist of trash
is vacuuming on speaker
mackerel little
calling to play candy land
upside down scallop
on her halloween costume
for the love of ursula
a plastic city
is sixty year old woman
a hen wife fusion
throw off falling off a horse
infection all the way down
is not only cystitis
swimming inside old
through and through and through and through
if fear eyes faraway shore
it is cystitis
neon yellow green urine
it is highway diving day
what is the ocean eating?
it is only shit
it is not only rubbish
birds and birds and birds
with frozen horse manure balls
the hen wife hit her sister
solenopsin is
seen nitro fire ant toiling
I think a stinging
ant just stung me biting down
venom comes from abdomen
if fissure is sure
invisible all the way
venus synopsis
sap sap fly trap natural
predator before fire ants


Dear Rest

if first test is infection
then now is antibiotics finishing it,
before snow in two days otherwise known as when
is staying outside a hospital light
until the day to get inside stitches taken out
is simultaneously a time your light will be
found inside
the minds of many people at the association of writers
and writing programs in america this winter, there
is a panel where i will be speaking about poem brut,
however and now
the event will be prerecorded on the same
day i am to have a minor procedure
to remove the inside stitches, which is to say,
i will be giving this talk while sitting on a hospital floor
with my laptop in my lap fulfilling
it is the promise as if i was still assistant to a witch
it is missing this feeling like a fucking kidney infection
i miss light blue eye missing light


Robert Folwell

if for the love of football
while I was pretending to be a horse, he was a kind
not biting into pewter as winter remembers
instead folding this old variant of fall then field
is willing to be quiet before shark
I am no aquarium for shark
after surgery there is only a football
beside the length of my left foot is kind
trying to mind her remembers
bending eye mean moving over the wooden sky
is also known as a kitten named sky
could be kin to shark
could belong to Robert Folwell and family eye remembers
he was my football
he let me pretend to be a horse standing in a field
then only a green and lower school field
and eye was trying to disappear under the sky
into the distant kind
is faraway and farther than feet touching football
irony is how eye remembers
repeat toes touching fluff ball and eye remembers
body is only a calbovista field
it could be cloud balls outside sky
kitten inside mind fulfilling the nurse shark
eye is looking for the foam ball kind
a universe is borrowing the kind
knowledge does mushroom around the shark
she is fluff filling the field
she is the feline sky
basidiomycota eye is finding the football
once upon a field kind
eye had hidden under the sky for care and fear remembers
a cat turned football for the love of baby shark




Surrealism & Julia Rose Lewis by David Spittle

The writing of Julia Rose Lewis is a unique vitality within and for contemporary poetry, bridging her American background with the experimental performance and communities of London scenes that have grown through SJ Fowler’s events, Lewis has built a poetics that doubles as cryptic menagerie. From her astonishing pamphlet, Zeroing Event (Zarf Poetry, 2016) and its appearance as part of her debut, Phenomenology of the Feral (KFS, 2018), Lewis’ work has always spun together explorations of science (Zoology, Pharmacology, Oncology, Evolutionary Biology), personal correspondence, syntactic play, and a humorously oblique intimacy; all of which braid together as strangely exacting units along the helix of her poetry, itself a generously expanding and truthfully puzzled cosmos.

Phrases repeat and mutate in fits of linguistic transmutation, for which meaning becomes a kind of syntactically malleable genetics. Sometimes these changes are whip-like and confounding and at other times playfully alive to the secret languages of friendship. The lines become re-ordered measurements of prescription, a tilting semantics administered with the patterns of medication (as demonstrated with the conceptual recipes/treatment of The Velvet Protocol 2022). Lewis brings an academic background in science to bear upon experimental poetics in a way that preserves the surprise, risk and strange logic of chance as an avant-garde praxis whilst also evoking the systematic micro-alterations of methodologies that turn and re-turn, like an unseen chemistry of determinism, behind such operations. It is the chaos and the code. Consequently her work, though often based in the discourse, learning and modes of scientific analysis, comes to revel in the interruptive and mutational realities that escape any fixity of knowledge or prediction.

Like the micro-dramas of Jean Painlevé’s (1902-1989) surrealist documentaries, in which zoological observation becomes a lens for kaleidoscopic immersion and imaginative play, or like the entomological essays of Roger Callois which take an esoteric slant in, and out of, science, Lewis encounters Surrealism through the microscopy of living as an almost epistolary extension of living-with: with friends, with language, with other species, and with the atomised (de)composition of whatever chemistry moves through and constitutes these encounters. To read the poetry of Julia Rose Lewis is to live with the Surrealism of language as an impossible living matter; it is an invigorating curiosity (intimate and distancing) found and dissected in the wild ecology of its making:

                                                            pooka poke at this
                                                            beast of pookae the pookae
                                                            take pookam to pooka
                                                            Fair creature, change your shape again.      

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